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RAR Hosting is a partner company of MRC Media Ltd ( Formed in 2021, we provide Web Hosting that is typically expensive at affordable rates. Our goal has always been to try make a company that treats customers with the greatest care while offering a reliable, affordable product that they can utilize to the fullest.

Our Goal and MissionĀ 

Affordability has always been the driving force for our company. The hosting industry is filled with companies with abusive billing policies and hidden fees, we're here to change that and have been doing so since the inception of our company. Our pricing models are as transparent as possible, and will never include renewal hikes / hidden fees attached to them, giving our clients a clear view of our pricing when ordering through us.

Being Affordable is not the only way we want to stand out though! We have one of the easiest approaches to web hosting, with extremely easy-to-use control panels, one-click installers and a control panel built straight into our client area to help users manage their hosting accounts without ever leaving our client area directly. Our friendly technical team is also at hand 24/7 to help you out with any issues you might face with managing a website, we're very hands-on with our customers.

Constant innovation is also at the core of our company, we've been evolving and have added tons of features to our web hosting plans completely free of charge. Take a look look at our services and we look forward to working with you.

With RAR Hosting & MRC Media you can't go wrong

RAR Hosting services are tailored to appeal to customers requiring a reliable but very affordable web hosting product with an above-average standard of customer care. Coupled with the experience and creativity skills of our sister company - We can guarantee the highest standards of work and service.

Standard SSL Website Certificate

Every account come with a FREE SSL Certificate to encrypt and protect your business emails and website. Other companies will charge you extra for this service. Switch this service on via your control panel.

Quality Web Design Service

Contact or partners MRCmedia for a range of web design and social media services. At RAR Hosting we provide the hosting and email services - MRCmedia can provide quality online and printed services to meet all your media needs . . . But their hosting cost more than ours! LOL!

Reliable Servers

No servers can guarantee 100% uptime, there will always be a slight glitch somewhere . . . If a service providers tells you they are up 100% of the time, they are lying. Ours servers have a 99.9% Uptime - Meaning you can rest assured your website will always be available. AND if anything ever goes wrong, we have a free back up service you can start from your control panel.

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